Meet your tribe


Remember the power of day dreaming


This painting is in honour of the elders, the ancient ones, the carriers of story, the weavers of time. Is is in gratitude of their wisdom, their presence, and their magic. The elders have largely been forgotten, and the time has come to remember them.

Return to the feet of the grandparents, the old-growth trees, the mountains, the water. Get quiet. Listen. Respect. Have gratitude. By @autumnskyeart


I see you, I respect you in all your complexity

Oel ngati kameie


Coincidences, synchronicities and serendipities are all sign from the universe that you are on your path

Peace there is

My personal commitment is to bring peace and unity to the world by attuning new vibrations, sharing keys and codes that will empower conscious leaders to play joyfully with the quantum field and create a new universal symphony.

We are not supposed to create paradise on Earth all alone! Co-creation is the key. Join us and co-create with us on a new level of consciousness.