Meet your Quantum Self

You are needed – You have been in training for this assignment for lifetimes, and did not come unprepared. All you need to know now is inside of you

This is a bespoke extraordinary exclusive experience.

Over a period of several months, Nathalie will lead you to unlock a deeper level of consciousness and hidden aspects of your Soul. It will be a journey from the past of who you were to the future of who you will be, supported by very high vibrational sites, specifically chosen places and experiences to match your intention and the remembrance of powerful knowledge.

You will remember who you are, and why your wisdom and unique medecine is needed

You will own your Quantum Blueprint and connect with the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities to clarify how you can better serve the incredible evolution humanity is experiencing.

You will discover the synchronic version of Time and become a real Time Master, able to act and make it happen.HERE and NOW.


Claim your Sovereignty, your Singularity and your Sense of Wonder with modern oracle icon, Visionary Earthkeeper and bridge to galactic wisdom that is Nathalie Coral Lepeltier.

Memories will emerge from times when knowledge and wisdom were at their highest on Earth, during Lemurian, Atlantean or Egyptian time. Your star connection will resurface to help you remember your starseed origin (Sirius, Acturius, Pleiades…) and empower you to share your deep innate wisdom with the world.

We travel physically and spiritually from the Origins of our Civilisation to the Future of our Earth.

You access a clear vision of how to apply these information to contribute to the evolution of life on Earth wether in business, education, well-being, social entrepreneuriat or humanitarian areas. Your body becomes a container for highly powerful information.
You master how to honour it, nurture it and take care of yourself.

Your presence in the world will be deeper, more meaningful, impactful and powerful. You will gain pristine clarity of your mission-led contribution to the world.

Each exploration is tailor-designed

Powerful regular online mentoring sessions with Nathalie

Accomodations in eco-friendly natural settings to restore your energy and unlock powerful innovative tools

You will remember your next level of vision and connect to your Quantum Self

Atlantean knowledge – You will download information from the future to expand your mind and master the art of alchemy

Sacred human technology – You will remember the wisdom, talents and skills that your soul has been carrying for many lifetimes

Mystical Earth – Journey together to chosen mystical powerful place for the next step of your soul expansion

Lemurian wisdom -Dolphin Encounters (Depending on location) – Our time together will align you to peace, love and unity

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