VIP Retreat

Quantum Blueprint

Own your Quantum Blueprint and connect with the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities in a bespoke extraordinary exclusive luxury retreat.
Claim your Sovereignty, your Singularity and your Sense of Wonder with modern oracle icon, peaceful warrior of the Heart that is Nathalie Coral Lepeltier.
In a transformational exploration, Nathalie will show you how to interact with the field of all that is, the Source of creation.
The journey will unlock a deeper level of consciousness and hidden aspects of your Soul. It will be an accelerated journey from the past of who you were to the future of who you will be, supported by very high vibrational sites and experiences.

You will remember who you are, and why your wisdom is needed

You will access past lives and knowledges as a Lemurian, Atlantean or Egyptian, as well as parallel and future lives.
You will reconnect to your Starseed origin and feel empowered to share your deep innate wisdom with the world.
We will physically and spiritually travel from the Origins of our Civilization to the Future of our Earth.
You will remember your ancient talents, skills and genius, your highest potential, the reason why you came in this time of transition.
We will decode, recode and recalibrate your whole Being so that you can fully embody an expansive vision of the changes you want to see in the world.

Your presence in the world will be deeper, more impactful and powerful. You will live in a synchronic version of Time and become a real Time Master.

Each retreat is tailor-designed for you and your desires. We start by clarifying your Intention together

Powerful sessions with Nathalie

Luxury accomodations in eco-friendly natural settings

Daily yoga, meditation or/and contemplation practices

Cutting Edge Technologies to support the level of information

Open Access to Sacred Ancient Wisdom

Your choice of destination (France and Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, Africa)

Dolphin Encounters (Depending on location)

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