For disruptive minds who want to lead with Heart

Live your life to your highest potential as a Conscious Future Leader ©!

You know deep within that you came to impact on a bigger scale, that your playground is global.

Nathalie helps people remember who they are – a shining light with unlimited potential.
It is time to live your life with a sense
of wonder, joy and purpose!

Lead with your Heart.
Come into resonance with your Quantum Blueprint.
You are the universe, and the universe is in you.

Be a revelation to others, a leader of new ways of life on Earth, a story teller of the new paradigm.

Be the one who brings a new vision of Heart, Mind and Matter to an old transforming world and serves as a catalyst of change.
People feel drawn to you because they feel your positive, creative, radiant energy, your energy of love joy and service.
You feel fully alive, life flows through you.
It is about you, your friends, your family, your projects, the field of life around you, yourself as an agent of Renaissance of this world and time.

Live your life in a state of flow, in a different, more exciting, inspiring and informed world.
Experience the synchronic dimension of time.

Impact XXL

  • Multidimensional Human
  • Exponential Human
  • Universal Human
  • Conscious Human
  • Grounding and alignment to 5D consciousness

The paradigm shift humanity is going through is intense and never before seen at this level.

Welcome to 5D, a dimension of consciousness where visible and invisible realms blend together. Where we are invited to birth a new version of humanity. Where life flows through a simple choice between love and fear.

Our brain and mind are urging us to be in service of our Heart and Soul.
This implies a transmutation of all limiting memories and beliefs to access a new version of ourself and reality.

We have to do our shadow work to enable the light to expand within us. All that was hidden is brought back to the light – for each of us, for the collective and for the whole of humanity.

This is our time to welcome all aspects of Truth.

The emerging world will be based on Truth, our capacity to access Our Inner Truth, to express it freely and to be fully aware of the True Meaning of Life.
We need to free our words and our voice to express our powerful truth. It is time to address the personal and collective sufferings and to set a new and stronger foundation to create a sustainable future for ALL.

Today we are only starting to Remember the power of Nature informing Life.
Leonardo Da Vinci knew it long ago. He was a genius, the father of biomimetism, blending science and art to open the way to a new vision of the world. Art and creativity are the answer to everything.

Contemplating the beauty of nature is going to answer many of our current issues.

We are birthing a new humanity. The young people and new children show us the way forward.

The unique mentorship Nathalie is offering helps you fully align to your Quantum Heart’s wisdom, expand your creative mind and embody your multidimensionality.

It empowers you to create a life of flow and unlimited abundance in connection with the Quantum Field and supported by Mother Earth.

You embody with ease a new version of yourself. Fully aware of his role on our home planet and in the cosmos.

Nathalie will create a tailor-designed safe and sacred container to guide you to recalibrate each component of yourself and align it to your highest vibration and possibilities. You will integrate every aspects of your life in a new level of consciousness.

This mentoring is based on the new human energetic architecture, supported by the wisdom of the ancients and universal knowledge. It is the direct application of the wisdom shared in “Quantum Heart, a guide to lead from the Future”.

At the end of this mentoring, you are fully anchored on Earth in the new paradigm of abundance and flow, knowing how to choose, decide and act. You feel supported by very strong foundations and a deep connection to our beautiful planet and humanity.

Sense, Know and Go” will be your new mantra.

You have unlimited access to your own inner knowledge and wisdom, your new compass, your Quantum Heart and soul wisdom.

As a Time Master, aware of the power of Eternity, of the Here and Now, you are able to bend time and accelerate positive changes to manifest with joy an ambitious vision of your future and the future of humanity. You live your life in a new dimension of time made of serendipity and synchronicity.

This program is unique and tailormade. It is by invitation only.

The time is NOW

Amplify your voice

  • Quantum Heart
  • Quantum Mind
  • Quantum Field
  • Quantum Powers
  • Quantum Life

Tailor-made sessions, online or in person, designed to bring you back to your center of ease, peace, truth and flow.

In three powerful sessions, you will experience a huge quantum leap, a shift in your vision of reality and the world around you.

We will deepen all aspects of your life ( professional and personal, spiritual and material ) and attune to your best possible future. You will access an ambitious and realistic vision of your possible future.

This vision, the core of your soul and heart’s true desire, will be a marker and guide you to decide, act and make change happen.

It will bring clarity and focus into your life.

You will establish a direct connection to the whispers of your soul and your future self for guidance.

First, we transmute your old self limiting beliefs.
Your DNA is reprogrammed to this renewed vision of reality. You will start to remember.

Then, we strengthen your connection to the invisible world, and amplify your capacity to receive amazing information.
A cosmic Shamanic experience.

You access new channels of communication and develop your multisensoriality.

Your soul messages become crystal clear and guide you in your mission and on your path.

You become fully aware of being an embodied soul for an earthly human experience.

Each experience you live becomes a learning experience, an opportunity to transform and harness your emotions. You relate to your true creative power.

Tree of Life, Kingdom of Bahrain

Museum of the Future, Dubai

Then we jump to your best possible futures, to your full potential, beyond any mental barriers. You create an intimate relationship with your higher self.
The amazing possible futures you access will be encoded in your cells and your DNA and be a marker for your future.

We will jump to different timelines, looking for the best and most ambitious scenario for your life. We will collapse time to accelerate the changes. In the quantum field there are no concepts such as time as linear.
We then anchor this vision in the physical/material world, allowing you to manifest it with ease, guided by synchronicities, encouters, and opportunities.

After completing this mentoring program, you hold a ambitious and aligned vision of your future that become your compass. You are fully aware of your quantum abilities and their spiritual and material dimensions.
You have experienced it.
You create in the quantum field with an open access to an unlimited field of abundance. Life flows through you and informs you to act and impact for good.

You embody your quantum powers, lead with your heart and the values of the new leadership: hope, transparency, authenticity, truth, clarity, consciousness and service. You become what you have always been. Because you remember.

Do you want to experience constant synchronicities?

Modern Oracle session

Book an oracle session and unlock the next step to your Truth

Over a meeting via zoom, Nathalie asks penetrating intuitive questions, and you provide honest answers.
You sort out together what is central in your life, and isolate those consistent and repeated patterns that may trigger you.

When you conclude, you have transmuted your fears, limiting beliefs and what blocks you.
You are gifted with a connection to your Heart’s wisdom to guide you and make the necessary decisions to change your life for the better.

You access a new and ambitious vision of your life,
You have pristine clarity about your next step,
You connect deeply with yourself
You honour Earth and Life.

The changes are mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, vibrational and energetic, they will unfold in your life at your own pace, with every decision and action you take.

Warning: this oracle session is an eye-opener so be prepared to quantum leap to your next level of possibility.
A conversation with Nathalie is a time travel to several dimensions of yourself, your role on Earth and in the informed universe.

You may feel dizzy, as your heart opens and your mind expands. Please allow some time afterwards to spend in nature or in a quiet place in support of the integration process.
If you want to live the experience, please contact Nathalie’s assistant at, with “initial consultation” as the heading of the subject line.
In the message, please write a short paragraph about you and your life today, with the following questions in mind:
How do you spend your time? With whom do you spend your time? What is the nature of those relationships? What feels exciting and fulfilling to you now, and what feels challenging, stuck or scary? What are your dreams? What were your dreams as a child? Why do you wish to work with Nathalie?