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Based on the Conscious Future Leadership Model ©

The Conscious Future Leader Model © is a framework, a philosophy, a methodology to contribute more consciously to the world, restore balance on our Earth and create prosperity for all. It is an archetype of the future of leadership and the condensed result of years of research and practices from Nathalie Coral Lepeltier.



Thrive in the emerging future while honouring life within and without

Lead life honouring organisations that contribute to a bright future for all

The conscious Future Leader © Program is based on the trendsetting Conscious Future Leader Model© featuring eight leadership dimensions. This program helps you thrive and transform yourself and your activity/business/life from great to extraordinary. You become a leader of leaders in conscious life.

The program is a transformative leadership journey, as well a deep transmission of knowledge and an exclusive network for visionaries who want to upgrade to the Aquarian Age Operating System and lead the change in the world.

Actualize – « We have always been our becoming » Chief Phil Lane Jr

Truth, authenticity, flexibility and creativity are the new norm.
It is no longer business as usual, disruption is the new model.
Time is non-linear, you can bend it to manifest any big project/vision. Start expressing your multidimensional self with life enhancing practices!

As a visionary, you know that you are called to step up. As an avant-garde leader, you want to lead leaders of the new world. Now.

The new leadership model is more about who you ARE than about what you DO.

Are you the kind of world-changing leader that people follow?
The world is changing and evolving at an exponential pace. Is your ability to see clearly invisible parameters and apply them in real life up to date?

Are you able to surf on chaos and turn a crisis into a quantum leap?
To thrive in the future we have to develop new leadership skills. We need to empower ourselves and show up with our genius, skills and talents at the forefront.

Are you true to your desires, following your higher path and contributing to evolution on a larger scale?

Heart, spirit, consciousness, energy, vibration are our human assets versus artificial intelligence. Invisible dimensions of reality.

Do you connect to the new human operating system, centered in the Heart, and understand visible and invisible dimensions of life, or are you still operating from last century consciousness based on the brain, materiality and rationality?

Leadership Program


The Conscious Future Leader program © is based on the trendsetting Conscious Future Leader Model © featuring eight leadership dimensions

As a future creative upgrade your leadership with other visionaries

Become a storyteller of the new paradigm

  • A 12 months journey
  • Upgrade to the Aquarian Age Operating System
  • Master the 8 dimensions of the Conscious Future Leader©
  • Get inspired by cutting edge trends and sacred wisdom
  • Cross-fertilize with the most visionary people on the planet

Activate your future potentials through conscious choice

You get introduced to the most heartful leaders and innovators, already involved in changing the world, developing innovative solutions for the planet with a global vision.

The program holds a strong component of yin feminine power: the focus is not on what you need to do, but who you need to be in order to step up to your next level of global leadership.

It is focused on transformation and recalibration, supported by knowledge and experimentation. We address your creativity and playful genius, your whole body intelligence, we apply nature’s wisdom and think in interconnected systems.

There is a strong emphasis on personal inner development to access your true essence and your highest potential.

This unique program helps renaissance leaders shine their light and develop their super quantum powers, aligned to their Quantum Heart and conscious of their sense of purpose within the whole.

We develop all our intelligences: Intuitive, Emotional, Physical, Mental and Cognitive, Multidimensional and Spiritual.

We practice skills of the new paradigm leadership, expose ourselves to radically new levels of reality and expand our heart and mind powers.

We experience how to create the future from the inside out. How to make it happen and accelerate our impact in the world.

A powerful inner journey

  • Brain and mind training
  • Heart wisdom and Soul reconnection
  • Yogic and cosmic shamanic work
  • Quantum and Akashic Field Reading
  • DNA reprogramming
  • Whole Recalibration to a new level of reality
  • Transmutation and Alchemy
  • Dreamlike state creativity

The Conscious Future Leader Model © is a compass for this new era.

It helps restore balance within, master feminine/masculine energies when and where needed.
At the end of the program, you embody the full spectrum of the eight dimensions and are ready to share your superpower(s) and your profound knowledge. You are.

Starting in 2023



Is the Conscious Future Leader © Program for me ?

Yes, if you want to lead the way forward with impactful actions inspired from a thriving future!

This program guides you to be fully aware of the different dimensions that make you who you are, a multidimensional human, to help you shine and radiate the light that emanates from your heart wisdom and pure divine essence/presence.
You master the universal laws of life and become a powerful creator.

You qualify for this program if you are a future creative and…
You feel a call for something bigger, but you know you will not get there on your own.
You want to show up as a storyteller of the new paradigm.
You feel an urge to broaden your perspective by engaging in frequent quality interactions with a tribe of like-minded souls.

You want to stay up to speed on crucial trends and new models.
You are in danger of burning out or missing the deeper sense of your life.
You are misusing or hiding your gifts.
You are exposed to unseen sudden changes in your professional or personal life.
You know there is more than performance and the old way of doing things.
You want to master your yin yang qualities and feminine masculine energies.
You need to master the new rules of the game and the way the universe works.
You want to play with the field.

What will you gain from this program?

  • In depth knowledge of the new Aquarian Era rules of the game and mastery of them.
  • Cutting edge methodology to bring out the best of yourself and your ecosystem.
  • A space for reflection and action to achieve more with less.
  • A tribe of like-minded partners from around the world.
  • The license to share a unique leadership model, a gift from the future.

Quantic Circle

Take a step into the next level of humanity and join the Conscious Future Quantic Circle ©.

Online Global Connection

An exclusive space to co-create, mastermind and apply information from the future with other like-minded leaders.
Once you work with Nathalie, you have access to this future-driven, inspiring community.

Join the Conscious Future Quantic Circle © and take on an evolutionary journey into your highest potential as a world-changing leader.

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