Interactive talks

Interactive talks

A disruptive mind in the making

Nathalie has thirty years of experience as an inner and outer world explorer. A true connector, she is bridging concepts, realities, worlds in a metaphoric poetic language. She has extensive experience living and working in various countries including the US, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, Singapore, Australia, various African countries, and the Middle East (Dubai and the Kingdom of Bahrain). She has held numerous executive positions in global companies such as Accor, Air France and DHL.

A major health and life crisis led her to reassess her priorities and embrace a new path of finding her true self thirty years ago. Her disruptive vision has empowered people in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, as well as Education, Non-Profit Organization and diplomatic bodies. She covers topics issued from her trendsetting book, that introduces a new level of leadership, based on heart wisdom, inner truth, and quantum powers.


Expert in Applied Quantum Powers, Multidimensional aspects of Leadership and Conscious Future

Extensive experience as Timeline Shifter and Quantum Human Trainer

Nathalie has trained numerous people to master their ability to access the Quantum field of information (Akashic Records, Cosmic Library, Timelines Travels).
She mentors world leaders of change to connect to their highest potential, expand their mind to experience quantum reality in alignment with their quantum heart, feel empowered to know their truth.


Some of Nathalie’s favourite topics

  • Conscious Future Leadership

  • Feminine Leadership and Yin/Yang balance

  • The innovation Age and the Quantum Field of Information

  • Bending and Shifting time- Become a Time Master

  • The Art of Global Networking

  • From Crisis and Chaos to Quantum Leap and Clarity

  • Create from the Emerging Future- How to Master Information from The Future

  • Journey to the Heart- Access peace within to create peace in the world

Nathalie has been working for long with scientists around the world. Technologal devices have been developed for long to measure energy fields ( eg GDV Biowell by Pr Korotkov ) and are clearly supporting her work.

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