Heart Intelligence

Mysteries of the Heart

The Power of the Heart: Heartmath

Maharishi Effect

The Maharishi Effect


Transcendental Meditation: A Scientific Perspective by Quantum Physicist John Hagelin, PhD

John Hagelin, Ph.D on Consciousness 1 of 2

Holographic universe

The Holographic Universe – An Invitation

Butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect | This Video Will Change Your Life | Documentary

Butterfly Effect Theory in Action

The Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project: Findings | Roger Nelson

Critical Mass

What is CRITICAL MASS? What does CRITICAL MASS mean? CRITICAL MASS meaning, definition & explanation

Blueturn Overview Effect

Blueturn – Overview Effect – May 2017

Morphogenic fields Rupert sheldrake

Morphogenetic Fields – Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, Biologist & Author – Plant and Animal Development, …

Dr Ervin Laszlo on the Akashic Field

Dr. Ervin Laszlo on The Akasha Paradigm

Lynne Mac Taggart The Field

Lynne Mc Taggart – THE FIELD 1/4

Leadership in a complex world

Integral Leadership for a Complex World

Exocity simulation in Dubai

Exocity simulation in Dubai