Quantum Heart, a guide to lead from the Future

Quantum Heart, a guide to lead from the Future

The Heart Open Source collection is a serie of books exploring your human potential as powerful creator

  • Learn how to
  • Lead with Heart
  • Access the quantum field of information to expand your vision
  • Master the new values of time
  • Play with the new rules of the game of life in an informed universe


What you will learn in Quantum Heart, A guide to lead from the Future

You have always known or, perhaps, recently discovered that there is more to reality than what we see or even what is visible. Deep inside, you feel that there is a key to open a door to another level of understanding of our universe.
You know that you can have access to a multi-dimensional level of information, but you find difficult to embody that intuitive knowledge.
Throughout the pages of this book, answers to your questions and guidance toward your full potential will blossom using easy to apply tools. As a result, you will find it easier to make a real impact in the world.
Enriched with many case studies, testimonials and exercises, the conceptual content will be easy to grasp.
The beauty of it all is that within you and each of your questions lies the answer. As you start to listen to your inner voice, your body, your mind and, above all, your soul communicates through your heart and life starts flowing with ease.

Written as a guide, this book will help you awaken and embody the heartful leader that you are, eager to act on your heart’s true desire to change our world towards sustainability and prosperity for all.
We are in the process of creating a new paradigm on Earth based on heart’s values that encompass compassion, cooperation, trust and truth.

What you will experience during your journey through this book will help you recognize the signals sent by the new emerging World, accelerate your encounter toward it, learn how to feel the connection with like-minded people, and discover those who will come to be your soul tribe.

The time to act is now!

Read it if

  • You have Interest in personal evolution and unlimited expansion
  • You have a learning mindset and want to challenge your vision of what it is to be Human
  • You have a Commitment to serve humanity through your business/professional activity
  • You want to invest in yourself, your future, and the future of our children
  • In Short, you want to open your heart and your consciousness

Discover the first chapter of Quantum Heart, a guide to lead from the Future


Have a glimpse at the future

Nathalie Coral Lepeltier is a cultural creative and an intuitive visionary, as well as a born fun story-teller. In her eyes, life is the expression of joy, love and creativity. She is an authentic free spirit, driven by a passion for life in all its forms.
Writing this book was triggered by the preparation of Dubai Expo2020 “Connecting minds, creating the future”.
She has been convinced for long that “Connecting Hearts, creating the Future” is the solution to see the world we want to live in.

This book is a condensed testimonial of her own path as a visionary, modern oracle, healer, wife, mother, leader of change and lover of life. She shares a step by step process to remember who we are.

Nathalie started her professional life as an executive in global corporations. She experienced a wake-up call the day she nearly died from a serious liver disease and gave up her succesfull business career to travel the world with her family across various countries inclusive of England, Sweden, The United States, India, Sri Lanka, The United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Bahrain and Singapore.

She trained as trainer in Kundalini Yoga, Quantum Healing, Spiritual Hypnosis and Future Vision by Anne Jirsch, as well as many other modalities. She is passionate about sharing how to access the gems hidden within ourselves.

For the past twenty-years she has been training and mentoring people to find peace within themselves, be fully present with solid foundations and Earth connection so they are able to create incredible life for themselves.

Under Nathalie’s guidance, they access another level of understanding of life on Earth and their impact as leader of change in a vast informed Universe.

Nathalie loves to share her life wisdom and knowledge across various environments, inclusive of educational bodies, corporations and NGOs, making an impact with joy and fun.

She has been building a powerful circle of leaders of change and visionaries around the globe.

Together, they hold a very clear vision of what is ahead of us: a world of peace, unity and prosperity for all.

Meet the author Nathalie Coral Lepeltier

Nathalie Coral Lepeltier is a cultural creative and an intuitive visionary.
She is generous, fun and full of life. You will find her often in nature, never far from the sea. She loves to connect and learn from dolphins and birds. A mother of three, she lives with her husband and her son in Singapore. When she does not meet new friends, she plays piano or contemplate the beauty of the world in silence.

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